Monthly report from Entrepreneur Blog’r

It’s time for another monthly report from Entrepreneur Blog’r. These posts are meant for you as much as it is meant for me. You get behind the scenes information on a fairly new blog and how I intend launch an array of businesses of off it. For me, it is a way of staying accountable and making sure I get things done month after month, if not I will have nothing to report and come on, how will that look if I had nothing to report?

Are you stuck in the grind?

This month had its ups and downs and I learnt a very important lesson during my holidays last week. As an entrepreneur, it is easy to get stuck in the daily grind of getting things done, all with the aim of reaching that goal, whether it be that next 5 figure income, the end of the project or whatever.The means to an end is as important as the end itself. If you set yourself a goal of making $10,000, and you start grinding away to that goal, odds are you will already have set a higher goal before you reach that one without really revelling in the satisfaction of achieving the first one.

This is not a problem at all, we are naturally go-getters, it only becomes a problem when you sacrifice too much to reach the goals you set. If you take a closer look, 90% of your life is spent chasing one goal or the other. If that time is spent doing stuff you hate and at the same time sacrificing the things that matter the most, like spending time with your family, you will end up being unhappy. The only time you might be happy is the 10% of the time you actually achieve the goals but then you are off to the next goal so the happiness is short-lived. This is why I said. The means to the end is as important as the end itself. Choose a business that involves doing something you love, don’t chase only the money because you will never seem to get enough of it and when you do get the money, set some aside to buy experiences like holidays with your loved ones

The Report

Anyway, let’s get back to the monthly report. This month I decided to do a series of posts on Email List Building. You can find the posts here. The idea was to give you information on why having an email list of prospects you can contact is important and also how to go about setting up that list. I even did a video on how to set up a list in Aweber in 15 mins. That is my first video on the blog and although it is a screencast, it was a bold step for me and it was fun.

I had three guest posts published this month. A good way to grow you audience is by publishing your best posts on popular blogs. Think about it this way, if you have a message, would you prefer to shout at the top of your voice and get only some people to hear that message or would you prefer to use a microphone so more people can hear that message? That is what guest posting is all about. Your host gets to deliver great content to their readers and you get more people hearing your message and taking notice. This is how to build your brand. Here are the links to this month’s posts.

The Bloggers Guide to Getting Attention is all about finding your true audience and speaking to them alone. You will also find out why tweaking your message to suit a larger audience will affect your business negatively. This was posted on Nathan Hangen’s blog. Nathan is the definition serial entrepreneur and I will definitely get an interview from him one of these days so he can share how he does it.

Four Things Dale Carnegie can teach you to Become a Top Affiliate is posted on John Paul Aguiar’s Money Dummy Blog. The post highlights why building a relationship with the people on your list will magnify the effectiveness of the list. You will also find out how using Dale Carnegie’s timeless principles help you to build that relationship. John Paul is living example of how a small, responsive list can give you better results than a massive unresponsive one.

A Deadly Sin most SEOs Commit. The last one is a guest post which was intended for another SEO blog I run but I got to know Tola through Twitter on my Entrepreneur Blog’r profile. SEO is a very important topic since most of your targeted clients or customers will find you through the search engines. This post will show you why writing for search engines will not help your rankings. Tola is an experienced SEO and she ranks 2nd for the phrase “Search Engine Optimisation Nigeria”, I’m always proud to see a fellow Nigerian doing well.

Problems faced

I had some issues with the wordpress plugin I am developing. My service provider bailed on me at the last minute. I could dig in to the PHP code and spend 30 hours trying to finish it but I will just hire another one. These are the eventualities we have to cater for. All in all, it has been a good month and I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you for reading; I hope you are doing well in your own business.